AdventureYour own birth marks the first of many adventures that form the character of your life behavior. Some never venture far beyond that first step.  Ask yourself, “Am I at any moment prepared to sacrifice who I am for what I might become?”

I recall a dear friend in the psychiatric profession who cautioned me when I implored of him that I had a desperate need for security…”There is no such thing as security. Only opportunity.”  This was brought to bear during my first maritime excursion when a friend offered me a deep sea fishing experience.  I was not excited about the prospect of the hunt and became more anxious as we traveled farther from shore.  In retrospect, and in keeping with my friends comments, the operative principle here is that one does not discover new lands without losing site of the shore for some period of time.

Let us then apply this insight. If then you are afraid of the new in exchange for that which you already know, then you will have few new ideas for fear of some of them bearing little fruit.  Yet it is better to have many ideas and have some of them be wrong, than to be always right and have no ideas at all.

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honorable, but is more profitable than a life spent doing nothing–Shaw

The fruit is at the end of the limb.

Have you taken to a hot air balloon flight? Do so.  Para-sailing? Do so. Do you refuse to fly at all out of fear? Climb aboard that lunar barge my friend because though you may fear death in that experience, you are dead already, for a rut is only a grave with the ends removed.  Remember that we have been challenged by Socrates to examine ourselves.  You cannot truly know yourself without risk. Linus, with his blanket in the dryer.

Take the great adventure.  And do so with all your being at once.  It does no good to leap a twenty foot chasm with two ten foot jumps.

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