The Dragon

Many lament the world in which they find themselves. Though it is often a world of their own making. They desire the world to be different than it is.  And because it is not, they grieve, and curse both God and men.

If you wish to find peace in this regard, do not lament the story because it has more dragons than princesses.  Ask not for things to be as you wish them to be, but ask for things to be as they are, and you will have a tranquil life.

The dragon has his uses you know.  I am told of a story concerning just such a beast.  It was the knight who asked the dragon “Why do you breathe the fire and scorch the good?”

“I am a dragon,” he replied.  “This is my calling.  DragonHowever, we need not engage ourselves in battle.  Nevertheless, we must find resolution, or we will find ourselves on that familiar stage and we shall bear our grievances in earnest.  You seek to destroy that which I am wont to do and for which cause I was created.  Surely this is not proper.”

And the knight gave great thought this. Straightway the answer was made plain. In return for the knight’s surrender of the possibility of a dragon slaying, the dragon would be allowed to belch his fire, albeit to burn the villager’s waste, preferably on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  And this the dragon did with great enthusiasm for he had discovered that it was greater to be of value, than to be successful.

You should inherit a propensity to extract every ounce of good in evil.



Due diligence. Always. Research your sources. Take care in your undertakings.  You cannot foresee everything, but you can always foresee something. Err on the side of caution in this regard.  When purchasing a basket of strawberries, it is always profitable to know that the bottom half is sometimes rotten.