Control Issues

Epictetus, a First Century B.C.E. philosopher advised that ultimately, the only thing withing our own power (control) is our WILL.  Even our own reputation is not within our control. One often speaks of a lack of will power. This is an appropriate term and may well be applied here. It is important to remember that things which are in our control are by nature free and unhindered. This may seem like a contradiction.  And indeed it is a contradiction if you believe that which is free to be in your control and that, for example, what belongs to others, you believe is yours. Remember, that which is truly in your control is your will.  The ability to determine and discern the very things which are and which are not in your control.  If then you wish to be at peace, unhindered, and free, then you will concern yourself only with those things which are truly within your power.  And this answer has been provided for you here. A number of years ago, the artist “Sting” recorded a song entitled “Set Them Free.” Remember some of the lyrics.  Essentially, the chorus of that piece continued a refrain: “If you love somebody, set them free.”  This too is a contradiction for many.  For in matters of love or interaction with others, we frequently have at the core of our relationship, control issues.  If however you wish to be free and unhindered, and not lament your situation, then indeed you must set all things, and people, free, for this is the only means by which you will achieve true happiness.