On Creativity

Creativity demands limitations as a river needs its banks.  For without these limitations we are not able to pour into form our message to the world, neither in the arts nor in the thoughts of our hearts. I have lived with Biploar illness for all of my adult life (and perhaps before that).  When I finally found a set of medications which enabled me to live a more constructed life, I lamented briefly that I was not able to re-create my manic (and falsely identified) creative state of being.  I was not creative. In no more fashion than a river that had exceeded its banks and whose rushing waters now threatened to engulf and destroy the very things to which it once brought life. If you wish to be creative, remain in your channels, and then your muse will visit you, unafraid.


We Give In Too Easily

  Self EsteemNo one, Eleanor Roosevelt said, can make you feel inferior without your consent. We are by nature a consensual lot, given to many a wind-blown whim.  Confer no power to others which is rightfully yours, and this includes above all, your assessment of yourself. In this regard be kind. Unlearned persons blame others for their own faults.  Those who have begun to understand blame themselves for their own shortcomings.  But those who have achieved some modicum of wisdom, blame neither others, nor themselves.

I met a gentleman today who stated flatly that he has made a plan to reach the age of 104 and was to be shot when found at a local whorehouse. A fairly well developed sense of self-esteem I would say.  

On Comparisons

It is natural in our society for us to compare ourselves to one another.  And we are forever found wanting.  We do not have sufficient material possessions; we are too heavy; we do too many things to excess.  And what will a person say to you? “I am richer than you, therefore I am better than you?” “I am more eloquent than you, therefore I am better?

One may be richer, therefore they have more property, and they may speak more eloquently, therefore their speaking style may be an improvement over yours.  But remember, you are not a property, and you are not a speaking style my friend.